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Aug 09 2013

Have people really had enough of Windows?

I know, seems like a silly question right? It’s not. The Windows operating system is strongly established itself in the corporate working environment. If you work in an office, most likely the chances of you working with any other operating system besides Windows is unlikely. While Microsoft’s revenue is up, they’re still having a very …

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Apr 04 2013

Facebook Home wants to take over your Android Smartphone

So the scoop for today was that Facebook is announcing a new smart phone application for android called Facebook Home. The android application is not available for download yet, but should be available in roughly one week. There’s been a lot of speculation about Facebook wanting to come out with their own smart phone, but …

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Jan 17 2013

It’s New And Exciting – What is Facebook Graph Search?

Facebook has been working for years collecting and cultivating information about all of their members to reach a point where they can offer some sort of decent and relative search results to their members; to be able to compete directly with Google. Facebook released a new feature yesterday it’s being tested with a select group …

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Nov 08 2012

Giving streaming media for Christmas- the perfect gift?

One of the things that people could be looking at it as a Christmas present this year is streaming media. Solutions like Roku, Google TV, Apple TV and Boxee. It seems like streaming media is becoming more common place, especially for people who are looking to cut the cord from the traditional cable companies. Recently, …

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Jan 13 2011

Hootsuite Announces an Affiliate Plan for Pro Users.

Hootsuite, the social networking website hub; managing multiple social connections and easily my favorite website for managing multiple Twitter accounts and other social connections has announced an affiliate program to give back to those users who refer user to them and sign up for a pro account. I like the idea of getting an award/benefit …

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Nov 05 2010

Review: Digsby – Instant Messenger [a must have]

Some people just don’t understand Instant Messengers. They’re either too complex, or there’s too many functions, or application terminologies to be really married to any one. The MAJOR Instant Messenger protocols, are from Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, ICQ, AOL, AIM, MySpace and Jabber. AND every single one wants you to download their Instant Messenger chat software, …

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May 07 2010

What to Expect From Google Android TV

With Google looking to release a version of their Android TV next month, what can people expect from Google TV and Android? Well, the first thing to remember is that TV, isn’t a TV anymore, and the days of mindless TV channel surfing is about to end. Anyone who has an Android phone, knows about …

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