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Jun 19 2011

Movie Review: Green Lantern (2011)

This weekend I went to go see the Green Lantern movie and it’s something I wanted to do because I like Ryan Reynolds; he’s a outstanding actor and has a lot of potential to do some great action movies. But his calling from Hollywood is to be a box office love toy with comical romances. …

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May 10 2011

Microsoft Snatches Skype for $8.5 Billion – Here comes Windows LIVE Skype!

In a move that’d have made SO much more sense for Facebook to purchase Skype; Microsoft has stepped in an bought Skype for 8.5 billion dollars, in CASH. Microsoft continues its shopping spree for customers. Their declining performance and the fact that their operating system and office package is the main tools keeping them afloat …

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Mar 07 2011

Coming 2012: TRON: Uprising – Animated Series

If you have read my site before, you know I’m a big TRON fan, and when the movie came out it was met with sharp criticism, but the fact is the movie really has restated a complete make over for Disney and helped jumpstart the digital movies and what they can be for the movie …

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Mar 06 2011

Smartphones/Tablets – The Keyboard Won’t Die

I’ve been talking lately about tablets and Smartphones; they’re really nifty and while the bulk of sales for 2011 and 2012 should be in the market of the tablet and Smartphones— this is why PC’s and Smartphones aren’t going to just rule… Keyboards… There’s something inherent about using a keyboard to get your work done. …

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Dec 08 2010

Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 Has Limits

Windows Live dev team has placed a lot of effort in to the release of the Windows Live suite of applications and there’s been a few milestones crushed and some, not so much. I did a review of Windows Live Movie Maker a little while back and my initial review was based on what Windows …

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Jan 22 2010

Epson’s Warranty: So Simple, Yet So Complicated

I’m an owner of an Epson 800 Artisan Printer and it has an ADF on it, it failed and I called for support; this is my story… You can take from the introduction, that I’m not a proud owner of an Epson printer. When customers contact the manufacturers of their devices for warranty support there …

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Nov 06 2009

Can Mozilla’s Thunderbird bring it together in a Raindrop?

I read this article today about how Mozilla Thunderbird is coming together and they’re working on the ‘Universal Inbox’; this is SO MUCH what everyone needs. And I agree with a lot of what it has to say. I was discussing this with a friend of mine the other day about this very same problem …

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