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Adobe – Stats for Nerds – playful or insulting?

Adobe Flash is one of those applications/plug-ins that ‘nerds’ hate for a few reasons. It’s bloated, it has security problems, it has one of the worst upgrade processes for a required Internet application/plug-in, and with the exclusion of Google Chrome adding this plug-in for your web browser is a PITA because Adobe doesn’t work with …

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No Class: Microsoft Directly Attacks OpenOffice with Biased Public Video

The last time I watched a video so attacking of something else, it had to do with politics; but Microsoft must really want to be in politics because what they unleashed on the public, to scare them from OpenOffice, was some impressive stuff. I’m not going to try to argue that Microsoft Office is better …

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Update: Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10.1 64-bit

As a registered user of Nuances Dragon NaturallySpeaking, I’m just as frustrated at the handling of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 AND 10 as everyone else is, but Nuance is close to releasing the 64-bit version of v10. If you search the support forums over at Nuance, you’ll find articles from 2006 requesting 64-bit versions of Dragon …

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