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Feb 09 2012

Internet Explorer continues glorious usage decline

The days of Internet Explorer are slowly coming to an end, and any influence Internet Explorer might have had over the market place, or over the Internet, are damn near over. Seeing how Microsoft is able to maintain what grasp they have with the corporate world and their integration with the operating system, I don’t …

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Feb 08 2012

Is Google being hypocritical with their services?

About a month ago, I was checking my stats for my website through Google Analytics and everything had been going just fine over the past couple of months, but one day my site visitors and pageviews took a dive, like a 60% dive in visitors. I realize that from day to day things can change …

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Sep 01 2009

Google Servers went down.. the sky is falling!

It’s a big event when Google mail goes down. How does one do anything on the Internet without Google? There’s a huge dependence on Google to be there. Email, video, temp storage and so on. They provide so many services. Email is just a small portion, people use it for everything; interfacing with a slew …

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Nov 13 2008

USB 3 – Welcome to Our Planet.

 USB 2, it’s hard for me to say this; for years you’ve been real good for us. Your name is as common as Apple Pie, but your services are no longer required… USB 3 get in here.  USB 3 is being prepped right now. The USB plug we use now is not the same as …

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