Tag: Security Flaws

Nov 21 2011

All the Apple talk is about Siri

A lot of emphasis on the iPhone 4S has been about the voice recognition application called Siri. And while I would happen to agree with the ‘cool’ level of the application and the level of integration; it’s not been without it’s problems and downsides. And in all fairness, Siri is really cool and the level …

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Nov 03 2010

Microsoft Windows 7 Turns ONE

The Redmond giant is enjoying some very nice news. They’re still enjoying the growth of Windows 7 and estimates are that within the next 2+ years, the market will be flooded with Windows 7; wiping out Windows XP— finally. According to Microsoft they’ve sold 240 million copies of Windows 7 [from October 22nd 2009], but …

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Jun 16 2010

iPad Security Breach: AT&T Is In The Wrong

The new iPad is already on the market and taking in security punches. AT&T is incorrect to go after the security consulting company that exposed the security flaw in the new iPad. Security consulting companies, that’s what they do find and exploit security flaws, report those problems and then publish their findings. For AT&T to …

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