Tag: Scheme Of Things

Sep 09 2010

Google Instant Search = More money for Google

I have to admit, that since Google instant search has been released, it’s somewhat of a revelation. If you’re accustomed to sitting in a room with no light, and only a candle; you’ll consider this as the status quo. But if you take someone who’s not accustomed to it, and has an open mind to …

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Oct 30 2009

Making the comparison: Replacing WinZIP with 7ZIP

Can everyone agree that ZIP is a standard now? I think it’s a standard now. It’s basic functionality was built in to the Windows XP Operating System; you could open ZIP [compressed] files without doing anything. I’ve an associate that absolutely swears by WinZIP. It’s the end all be all of file compression and all …

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Oct 29 2009

LEHSYS Report – October 2009

To be honest, I didn’t think I would have anything to report for October; September was kind of depressing, but you go month-to-month and you find new things to research and new things to work on and before you know it the end of the month comes whether you want it or not. October was …

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