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Movie review: This Means War [just great.]

As with many other people, I went out this weekend to grab a movie and dinner. I chose to go to the new This Means War movie. It had a few people in it that normally make a good movie; Reese Witherspoon and Chris Pine— there was another actor I’m not so familiar with, Tom …

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Windows 8 App Store– Very ‘Original’ And Needed Idea

The title of this post has a level of sarcasm in it, but back in 2009, Windows 7 was about to be released and having played with the beta version of the operating system for a few months, I was very sad to see that Microsoft had done nothing with their applications handling. A few …

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Question to Microsoft: Why must you have so many versions?

One of the biggest questions I’ve had for a while now is, why does Microsoft have so many darn versions of their Operating System? From a tech support standpoint, it’s a nightmare. Just from my experience, when I’ve asked people which Operating System their using [knowing they’re using Windows] I’ve had people tell me Microsoft …

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