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Firefox/Minefield 3.7a4Pre

The development of Firefox is moving forward, and thus far, everything is looking smooth. Mozilla’s efforts to publish a 64-bit web browser seems to be getting closer to fruition. The development of minefield has been building over the past couple of years. While other web browsers are floundering in the 32-bit world of web browsing, …

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Browser Security: Watching for the PADLOCK

Browsing the web admittedly can be fun, but it’s like walking the streets; you don’t ever really know where your going to wind up or what you’ll find, so you need to beware of the environment. You can’t blindly assume everything you do on the Internet is safe and someone always has your back; it …

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Firefox on track to get it’s own ‘Sandbox’

Mozilla has set out to incorporate a feature in Firefox which will allow it to run divided among numerous processes. The plan is to have the browser’s user interface pegged to a parent process, with the subsequent child processes spawned on-demand per tab. Implementing this structure is expected to boost the browser’s overall stability, as …

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