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Nov 25 2011

Crushing IPad- That’s what the Android operating system is doing.

This holiday season advertisers are pushing everything and nothing seems to be more popular than tech and gadget items. And what’s absent from a lot of advertisements [from what I’ve observed] is the iPad. The iPad has been the staple standard for tablet PC’s for an over extended period of time, everything is compared to …

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Nov 30 2009

So Your Using Internet Explorer… Not So Smart.

I wonder when I see the stats on the usage of the most popular browser on the planet and shockingly it keeps coming back Internet Explorer; it’s simply staggering. I’ve inquired with many sites about their trends. Some websites offer their stats right out there on the cuff; you can see everything- all kinds of …

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Jun 22 2009

Download: Fast IP Changer

If your a person that deals with multiple network environments, you know it’s a pain in the butt to deal with is this DHCP or is this a static IP location and if it is, what’s the network settings to get this freakin’ computer on the network… I’ve always said that windows should have offered …

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