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Webcam issues with Windows Movie Maker – try SplitCamera

Windows Live Movie Maker is a free offering from Microsoft that offers novice and average users the ability to edit video and from there, be able to share/publish it to Facebook, YouTube, eMail, DVD and even custom resolutions. It’s a basic editor with very simplified interface, and it’s part of the Windows Live Essentials Suite …

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Techie Review: BlogJet 3 []

Hopefully after reading this post, you’ll be more educated about BlogJet 3 and be able to make a more informed decision about in investing in the software.

Windows 8: A walk around with Windows Explorer

Having loaded Windows 8 DP [Developers Preview] on to my VirtualBox machine for testing… I was digging through the Windows Explorer, or the file manager for Windows and I thought I would pass on some things I was noticing with the new interface. The new Windows Explorer is utilizing the ribbon GUI  interface that’s being …

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The Release Of Windows Live Essentials 2011 [Critical]

According to the release from Microsoft today, Windows Live Essentials 2011 has been officially released for public consumption. Download them here. You can expect all new PCs to include Windows Live Essentials 2011 with all Windows 7 preinstalled operating systems. Windows Live applications are what Microsoft considers to be bare essentials; applications and functions that …

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Review: Windows Live Movie Maker–Wave 4 Beta – Awesome.

The Windows Live team recently released the beta version of the Windows Live Essentials. I’m trying to go through and mine out/examine as much as I can on the best parts of the application and show the improvements in the latest version. And as much as some people will hate to hear this, this release …

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Windows Live Writer–Hotkeys/Shortcuts

Windows Live Writer keyboard shortcuts. If you’re not already aware of the shortcuts in Windows Live Writer, using the keyboard while your creating your blog is more productive than clicking all over the place … Or having to stumble through the Ribbon GUI. Considering that Windows Live Writer doesn’t freely offer this information in a …

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Review/Evaluation: Windows Live Writer Beta Wave 4

Microsoft released/push out a beta today of Windows Essentials, which includes Windows Live Writer [beta]. Windows Live Writer from Microsoft is considered to be one of the better/premium blogging editors out there, for offline blogging. Windows Live Writer was release in December of 2008. The last official release of Windows Live Writer was in January …

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Windows Live Writer Wave 4: Go Open Source – Please

Microsoft has been less than giving in the world of blogging. And I was less than optimistic earlier this year when the screenshots of Windows Live Writer – wave 4 were ‘leaked’. http://www.lehsys.com/2010/02/windows-live-writer-2010-just-minor-updates/ And today, I saw this post from Digital Inspiration and it confirmed my fears. Microsoft hasn’t done anything to Windows Live Writer …

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Windows Live Writer 2010 – Just Minor Updates

With Windows Live Writer 2010 looking like it’s going to be a few more months away from release, it’s looking unimpressive right now. Windows Live Writer is the best blogging tool out there, but it’s development is so slow; it’s depressing. It’s no wonder Internet Explorer is taking such a beating. If you were paying …

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The self-sustaining vehicle – why can’t there be?

I guess I’m a ‘dummy’… I guess I just don’t get the problem. The argument is not so much can a car be self-sufficient, but can you really get away from a GAS fuel; I want to say yes- [to coin a phrase] yes we can. These are some things, technologies and some people that …

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