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Sep 28 2016

Hewlett Packard Imposes Ink Cartridge DRM Requirements On Customers

A couple of years ago, I made the conscious decision to switch from using an inkjet printer to using a color laser printer simply because the ink cartridges didn’t last very long and they were very costly. When you’re using an inkjet printer you don’t know exactly how many pages you going to be able …

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May 07 2011

Default Action: Replace Windows Notepad with Notepad++

The Windows operating system comes with a default text editor. Some users may not know it’s there, but it’s been virtually unchanged since Windows 95 came out. The average point and click user would basically never see it, but when you start dealing with higher echelon users a text editor is a powerful tool. And …

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Mar 22 2011

Android App Market is like Twitter— everyone does it better than they do…

The new Amazon Appstore is another example of the lack of options and feature sets of the default Android application market. And the Android application market is falling prey to the same issues and problems that Twitter has; everyone does what they do, what they offer, better than they do; and it’s their service! The …

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Mar 01 2011

Motorola Atrix Android gets a docking station

One of the more exciting piece of information I found out recently is that the android operating system, and more specifically Motorola Atrix 4g smartphone, is going to have a docking station. Essentially giving the new android phone the equivalent of McDonald’s supersize option. The docking station essentially converts your android phone into a standard …

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Feb 17 2011

Text Replacement/Expanders are Awesome

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a tech freak and that AutoHotKey is my passion for getting stuff done. There’s nothing that AutoHotKey hasn’t been able to do at this point. I have found more ways to get stuff done, better and faster than anyone could imagine. I like to sit back and smile …

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Aug 27 2010

Finding Options: The Declination Of Cable TV Subscribers

There was an article posted recently about the cable user subscriptions and I think the information holds true. With the investments in technology and with the Internet providing just about any type of media form that you’re looking for, it makes perfect sense that the large TV Networks should be highly concerned over the future …

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Mar 01 2010

Finding An Alternative To Paperport 12

I couple of weeks ago, I did a review on the latest version of Paperport v12 Professional. I was reviewing the product as anyone would if they were looking to apply it in the corporate environment or at home; what did it do? How did it do it and was it easy enough to use. …

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Dec 03 2008

Review: PhraseExpress 6

The guys at PhraseExpress seem to keep upping the ante with each new release. For those who don’t know the application, it reduces the amount of repetitive typing/entry. The program can enter keystrokes, paste images, auto-correct words or insert paragraphs of information with just a few clicks or by setting up an autotext [short name]. This is …

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Nov 02 2008

Top 12 Must-Have Freeware Programs [Windows]

Periodically, you may have a friend that’s getting a new PC or that ever popular reloading your OS to get ‘some’ speed back to the system. When this happens I always have a baseline of applications that must be loaded. All of the applications I recommend are listed as freeware and are/or can be portable, …

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