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Jul 21 2013

Critics for Movies Suck and RED 2 was great!

I’m finally getting around on doing movies that I see. This past weekend, I would go see RED 2. RED 2 being the sequel to the original release of RED [retired and extremely dangerous]. I thought that the original movie was really good. It had actors that everyone like, like Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John …

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Feb 07 2011

GIZMODO RE-DESIGN: And you thought DIGG’s was bad?!

Gizmodo has released a new revision of their website. If you’re not acquainted, Gizmodo is famous for providing tech relevant material; techie stuff. And it’s not often that I am absolutely floored by a websites design, or re-design, but GIZMODO has taken the cake! In a clear case of attempting to go in a specific …

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Jan 28 2011

As Predicted: e-Books are Killing the Traditional Printed Books

It really doesn’t seem that long ago that I was discussing putting e-Books in schools for the kids, but it’s becoming a reality. And it makes perfect sense to give e-Books to students. Student books need to be updated regularly; so they’ve the most current information to learn from. It’s the most economical choice for …

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Sep 12 2009

Social browsing report for September 12th

Here’s some stuff I’ve been looking at… Two screw drivers r arguing- screwm! NO-you screwm-screw it! For the last time-I SAID SCREWM! and the bolt says- we gonna DO this or what? [lehenryjr] Shared Download Windows 7 Product Key Checker to Verify Windows 7 Product Key. A fair amount of daily reality has to do …

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Dec 01 2008

Let there be Free WiFi Access…it’s coming.

Some of the best news to hit the Internet pertains to the FCC’s goal of allowing/providing free WiFi access to the Internet. The major cable companies such as Comcast, Time Warner, Qwest, and many others stand to lose a lot of money in the establishment of providing free Internet service for everyone. But these companies …

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Oct 23 2008

The Target of Internet Customer Service

Recently I’ve been in search of a new version of Dragon Naturally Speaking ‘ essentials’, version 10. The essentials version of Dragon Naturally Speaking is substantially lower in price [$40] than the Dragon Naturally Speaking other packages.  The essentials package doesn’t have stock of other features that the other packages have, but it provides the …

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Oct 18 2008

Because Nuance won’t; How to install Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 on Vista 64

A couple weeks ago, I posted an article about Nuance and the fact it has completely ignored the customers with Windows 64 bit operating systems. Periodically, I’ve been checking this ‘Knowledge base’ article to see if there’s any progress, and mostly it’s in vain. From the Nuance website: http://knowledgebase.nuance.com/view.asp?60VQ=JLJG&5d7r4B=iv56n%20JH No related posts. This one is …

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Sep 28 2008

Going Green: Water-Powered Car in Japan

I think everyone, at some level, is interested in saving gas or going ‘green’. I think one problem is one person/entity is trying to provide a solution; it’s not funny. You have a company like GM going to release the Chevy VOLT that’s going to require gas. Japan [Genepax] has a car that runs completely …

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Sep 27 2008

A Techie Review: Nuance PaperPort 11

PaperPort is an application that allows the average user to try to organize their electronic documents.  Whether that the pictures are imported or scanning documents, the program facilitates the function of trying to organize all this information with the efforts of trying to give the user a usable interface to do certain things with those …

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Sep 22 2008

No News; good news? Comcast discontinues Usenet servers

While I lived under the regime of Comcast, in the southeast, I was ever more wanting to get my hands on some unadulterated bandwidth, but indulge me for a minute while I ramble a tale of woe. I was living in eastern TN with Comcast as the only provider of cable TV. They were/are the …

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