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Oct 22 2012

No Dragon NaturallySpeaking for Microsoft Surface [yet]

One thing we are not hearing a lot about with the new Microsoft Surface is voice-recognition. With the new operating systems and the more predominant mobile devices, it would seem that one of the more obvious things would be to have stronger integration with the voice recognition solution for those devices. I was really expecting …

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Aug 10 2012

My Dragon NaturallySpeaking tweaking tips

I’ve been an user of Dragon NaturallySpeaking for an over extended period of time; it’s a massive boost to productivity and key to getting things like emails, documentation or just getting your thoughts out on something really quick. I was recently in an online chat with the Dragon NaturallySpeaking [Nuance] team the other day in …

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Dec 15 2010

5 Free Options for Online Backups

Having an off-site backup is a great idea in response to a situation where your PC could die on you. A lot of people don’t have the forethought to think about all their videos and pictures and important documents were being stored on the computers, and don’t think ahead enough to purchase an external hard …

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Nov 29 2010

PeerBlock For Additional Protection For Your PC

When you get on to the Internet you can’t tell from one moment to the next where security problems are going to come from or if spam is going to wind up on your screen, and for those who torrent or use Peer to Peer connection applications; you know there’s a lot of bad elements …

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Jan 04 2010

Review: Avatar – Changing Movies Forever

This is my review for Avatar; I was on vacation when I saw it and I really wanted to share this. From the days of rendering Stop Motion to Green Screen special effects; Avatar has been the result of that pursuit. Avatar is without question is the most graphically and visually stunning movie ever made …

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Jun 19 2009

If nothing else- There’s always Morrow

I’ve always said that bad antivirus software is better than no antivirus software. And at this point, I would like to build on that comment by saying- ‘…and avoiding Microsoft antivirus products’. It’s no secret that you should have real-time antivirus software already loaded onto your PC; this is something I’ve recommended to people for …

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