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Privacy Concerns: Social Websites Geo-location Tracking

I don’t know that there’s anything more concerning to me than what Facebook, Twitter and Google Buzz. It’s not enough that people are out there in the world, on the Internet, sharing information and conversing with their Internet buddies, but do they need to know where you are, when your doing it? But wait, all …

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Download: Rapportive – Social Plug-in For Gmail

When I don’t have to write access to my Thunderbird, with the plug-in for SocialMail, I like to utilize Firefox with the plug-in called Rapportive. It’s a plug-in for Firefox and chrome that replaces the ads in Gmail with user specific information and biographic information. It links up with Facebook, linked in, and other social …

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Xobni for Thunderbird [early with SOCIALMAIL]

Xobni has come on the scene like gang busters providing what seems a basic function that been should’ve been there and has been over looked for so long. It’s the perfect email client data miner. Xobni has exclusively developed for Outlook. Microsoft must really be loving that the Xobni crew is putting so much effort …

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