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Facebook Pushes Virus Protection A Little More

Back in early January, Facebook must’ve been listening to me. I published a blog post about the insecurity of Facebook. In that post, I talked about how Facebook takes advantage of their members by exposing them to games and applications that could be potentially stealing their personal and private information and using it for other …

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5Gb of free online storage from Google Drive

Google has finally released a formal version of gDrive, it’s called Google Drive and for the longest time I’ve been trying to remind people about making a backup of some of their most important documents to at least a jumpdrive. With Google Drive you can accomplish this with 5Gb of free space online. 5Gb may …

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Movie review: This Means War [just great.]

As with many other people, I went out this weekend to grab a movie and dinner. I chose to go to the new This Means War movie. It had a few people in it that normally make a good movie; Reese Witherspoon and Chris Pine— there was another actor I’m not so familiar with, Tom …

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