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Apr 16 2013

Windows 8 continues to push the irrelevance of a Microsoft Operating System

Back in May of 2011, I wrote a post about Windows 8 and that people shouldn’t buy it. The discussions over Windows 8 are highly mixed and there’s a group of people that love Windows 8 there’s a group of people that absolutely despise Windows 8. That demographic of people can be separated into those …

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Jan 11 2010

Facebook App on Android – still not working.

This is just a small blip, but completely frustrating to all ANDROID/DROID users out there. One of the flagship apps on DROID [Facebook] is not working; it hasn’t been working since late November 2009. Just about everyone who’s online has a Facebook account and they update their account once a day, but the cool part …

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Oct 08 2009

Adobe to 64-bit users: NO FLASH PLAYER FOR YOU!

You’ve got to be kidding me. 64-bit machines have [not are] flooded the market. Everyone has witnessed the flood of 64-bit systems to the market and yet there’s no 64-bit FLASH player! Nah, forget it Internet Explorer users I’m not even discussing Internet Explorer. Just about as far as anyone cares, that browser is dead. …

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