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Techie Review: Nuance PDF Converter v8 Pro

Nuance just released a new version of their PDF Converter software, version 8 professional. Nuance has been working with PDFs for years, but back in February of 2009, Nuance stepped directly on a competitive path with Adobe; to compete directly with Adobe Acrobat and to be extremely price competitive. Their first step was to release …

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Video Calls: Impractical For Modern Carriers

I was browsing through my local circles and saw this article form TechCrunch and it gave me pause, sending me in a different direction altogether. Because while I read it and I understand the concept of having a video conversation with someone over a portable phone device is new and exotic at this point in …

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Browser Security: Watching for the PADLOCK

Browsing the web admittedly can be fun, but it’s like walking the streets; you don’t ever really know where your going to wind up or what you’ll find, so you need to beware of the environment. You can’t blindly assume everything you do on the Internet is safe and someone always has your back; it …

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