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Apr 26 2011

YouTube Encoding videos to WebM is the right choice

Adobe Flash video has been a hassle for years. First with having to even install the Adobe Flash player and then to endure the lack of timely updates and security problems that Adobe has had with the plug-in. And up until recently, Adobe had not released a player for Adobe Flash or the 64-bit systems; …

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Nov 01 2010

Mozilla Thunderbird 3.1.5 – Instant Messaging – Easter Egg

I’m still trying to find out what’s the deal with Thunderbird 3.1.5. Another release of Mozilla’s Thunderbird has been placed in the hands of the public and I have yet to find any scrap of documentation to explain the vexing hidden feature of Thunderbird. I’ll bet you didn’t even know about it! Thunderbird has instant …

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Oct 11 2010

Review: Avast! Anti-virus

Having antivirus software installed on your PC is just second nature now. It doesn’t really matter which operating system that you’re using, you really need to have some sort of antivirus software installed on your system just in case a new virus gets released into the wild. You never know when a malicious virus is …

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Jan 22 2010

Windows Live Writer: Pasting Content Correctly

Windows Live Writer’s best quality is the ability to have plug-ins. If Windows Live Writer didn’t have plug-ins it would be sorely lacking a great many needed functions. But now it has a new plug-in, one that controls how you put information in to Windows Live Writer when pasting… Clipboard Live No related posts. This …

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Oct 03 2009

Windows Live Writer 2009 is Bad for Blog Site Bandwidth

If your using Windows Live Writer, and you copy and paste images [for like taking screenshots], you may be unaware that Windows Live Writer is doing you a disservice by not using an optimized image. Or by not offering a choice when posting images. When images are pasted in to Windows Live Writer the program …

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Oct 02 2009

Emails without pictures: Who reads those?

Email is such an official occurrence. For me when I get an email it’s a notification something has been completed, something official like my account has been opened or if I just registered for a website/forum. When you get as many emails as I do, I’m looking for entertainment, something thought provoking and stimulating. And …

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Sep 29 2009

LEHSYS Monthly Report – 09/29/2009

Last month I was in the process of moving to my new house. In the interim I thought it would be good to post some social browsing of things that I was interested in while I didn’t have time to write some other stuff; I think this was a mistake. The traffic was DOWN by …

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Sep 28 2009

Things I Like about Google Chrome

My primary browser is NOT Chrome, but I keep it loaded for testing and as an option; you should always have options. But Chrome is not one to be dismissed it’s got some power and speed. And while the browser doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of… say Firefox; it hasn’t crashed on me …

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Sep 25 2009

Microsoft Outlook export options – absent

I’ve to use Microsoft Outlook 2007 at work and one of the most irritating things about Outlook is it’s inability to export information. There’s like no flexibility to get information out of it. Outlook has a great ability to store information and be a contact center piece, but damn if it isn’t hard getting stuff …

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Sep 24 2009

Thunderbird v3b4 – impressions

I’ve been reporting on the progression of Thunderbird and they’ve released another beta. These are some things I noticed about the latest beta from Mozilla. I think that Mozilla is making improvements; they seem to be subtle and I still think it’s missing a social factor with not trying to connect with more social networking …

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