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Sep 29 2009

LEHSYS Monthly Report – 09/29/2009

Last month I was in the process of moving to my new house. In the interim I thought it would be good to post some social browsing of things that I was interested in while I didn’t have time to write some other stuff; I think this was a mistake. The traffic was DOWN by …

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Apr 27 2009

Firefox: Maximizing your Webpage Display

The one thing that I think that current browsers are missing the ability to properly use the display of the webpage in the browser that your using. It can be hard to read sites at times… A large majority of web pages/sites are constructed to handle 1024 or 1280 displays. The purpose for this is …

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Apr 17 2009

Google’s making a push on Chrome- again.

If you’re  logging in to the google website, which you probably are; 80% of the world does. You’ll notice is your running INTERNET EXPLORER your getting a little nudge to move to a better browser;.a noticeably faster browser. Google did this a few months ago with their GMAIL account; pushing users of INTERNET EXPLORER to …

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Apr 13 2009

Internet Explorer 8: A Choice, not THE Choice.

Microsoft established it’s self as the conqueror years ago, but it wasn’t because Internet Explorer was better; it’s because it was free. AND Microsoft was pushing the updates out thru the automatic updates. Microsoft established themselves in the market as the dominate browser then once they had it they sat back and didn’t do anything. …

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