Tag: Playing The Game

Feb 06 2012

PC Games Show Resurgence in Sales; Consoles not so much

The popularity of the gaming console, and the profitability of it, have just been astounding. A couple of years ago, you could have hopped on the Internet and read article after article about how PC gaming was dead and how the gaming console was going to be the future of gaming. I would’ve been one …

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Jan 11 2012

Windows Phone 7: Continues It’s Path Of No Respect

I was speaking with a friend of mine the other day in regards to mobile devices, and he mentioned that he had a Windows smartphone [Windows phone 7 Series], me being curious I asked about what he thought about the phone itself; he said he loved it, and that he found that the phone performed …

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Aug 06 2009

Renting software: Would you pay for a software subscription?

I was recently asked for my opinion, in regards to software subscriptions,  and I don’t know in what regard a software subscription would actually work well. I understand the concept of anti-virus software and having subscriptions to make sure they’re maintained. You get the latest updates/patches for viruses, but it’s hard to say a substitution …

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Jul 22 2009

Firefox seems to be playing the game of follow what’s popular…

Mozilla has a odd choice, but not really- I don’t know. A new version of Firefox was just released a few weeks ago and it’s got some great stuff going on, but with this mockup release… It’s like follow the leader. When Microsoft noticed that everyone was finding more attraction to the MAC Operating System, …

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