Tag: Phrases

Mar 19 2010

LEHSYS Freeware Instant Messaging Translator

Just about everyone Instant Messages someone using any one of the Instant Messaging Services [Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, Jabber]. The process of chatting with someone online is fun, but if there’s a business side to it, you may find your self repeating some of the same old phrases. And while you may completely understand the information …

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Feb 12 2010

Compliment Spam: From the NICE Spammers

Bloggers all want to have the same thing, they want to be able to put their information out their and be heard in some way, shape or fashion. And they all want to or love to hear feedback from the readers on what they think about the authors post. While there are plenty of people …

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Jan 13 2010

Android: TALKTOME Keyboard

I’m a big proponent of using voice commands and voice recognition with PC and electronic devices [ask anyone]. The release of Dragon NaturallySpeaking for the iPhone was a premier event. iPhone didn’t have voice recognition before; while Android did- although very poor. As an user of DROID, I was looking for alternatives and best choice …

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Jan 14 2009

Download Worthy: AUTOTEXT

The Gunnar Bartels Team already has a good product with PhraseExpress, but I recently noticed an entrance on the freeware market for providing autotext corrections. As everyone knows, I love freeware and if it doesn’t take money from my pocket, I perk up.    The purpose of AUTOTEXT is to cure you from having to …

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Nov 07 2008

Productive Software: My Top 10 Picks

In the business world of a everyday sucky tasks and ta-do’s, it’s really hard to keep track of everything, and its even worse even you don’t have the right tools. If you’ve ever tried to open a can of chili with a dull spoon; these are the tools of the cubical-land office I’m talking about. …

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