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Mar 04 2013

Are You Going To Look Too Goofy To Wear Google Glass?

The prospect of using Google Glass is very intriguing, but I wonder if people are actually going to be able to get past the stigma of looking goofy to have something like Google Glass on all the time.

Aug 10 2012

My Dragon NaturallySpeaking tweaking tips

I’ve been an user of Dragon NaturallySpeaking for an over extended period of time; it’s a massive boost to productivity and key to getting things like emails, documentation or just getting your thoughts out on something really quick. I was recently in an online chat with the Dragon NaturallySpeaking [Nuance] team the other day in …

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Nov 25 2011

Crushing IPad- That’s what the Android operating system is doing.

This holiday season advertisers are pushing everything and nothing seems to be more popular than tech and gadget items. And what’s absent from a lot of advertisements [from what I’ve observed] is the iPad. The iPad has been the staple standard for tablet PC’s for an over extended period of time, everything is compared to …

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Dec 10 2010

Is Apple Leading? Or Just Sparking Imitation?

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day about the success of the Android and how dominate the platform has become in such a short period of time. Keeping in mind that he has an iPhone… I have a great respect for Apple in aspect that they’ve really turned the technology industry …

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Nov 29 2010

PeerBlock For Additional Protection For Your PC

When you get on to the Internet you can’t tell from one moment to the next where security problems are going to come from or if spam is going to wind up on your screen, and for those who torrent or use Peer to Peer connection applications; you know there’s a lot of bad elements …

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