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Top 5 Reasons: Why I don’t use Adobe Reader

Years ago Adobe Reader was the de facto application for viewing PDF files. And PDF files are considered the Internet standard for which to store and present reports, and presentation, or even just to send information to someone that you don’t want it easily changed or modified. The distribution of Adobe reader was in pretty …

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Review: Nuance’s FREE PDF Reader

From my standpoint, Nuance would be the last company I would see that would be offering a free product to the public, even more so a FREE PDF reader, but they have; they’ve come out with their own PDF viewer for FREE. The installation file is 18mb. It’s a MSI file, just double-click the file …

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An Alternative to Adobe Reader

Everyone has their own taste for applications, but it always comes down to simple yet powerful and arguing PDF readers and arguing browsers is almost the same, but you’ve more fighting ground. I’m going to argue on which is the best, but I’m going to say that about 3 years ago I found a program …

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