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PC Games Show Resurgence in Sales; Consoles not so much

The popularity of the gaming console, and the profitability of it, have just been astounding. A couple of years ago, you could have hopped on the Internet and read article after article about how PC gaming was dead and how the gaming console was going to be the future of gaming. I would’ve been one …

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Console Controllers Suck: PC Gamers Dominate–Even The Bad Ones

I don’t do much on games here. I mostly focus on doing and providing things that help you with technology and being more productive, but I just saw this article from TechSpot and I was in a moment of glee. Microsoft killed the cross platform project because PC gamers were devastating the console gamers; every …

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Call of Duty 5: World at War

I am really diggin the new version of COD: World at War. From a person who’s had every version of COD excluding 3 because they alienated the PC gamers who made it famous. COD is hours and hours of solid homicidal fun and consistent killing of players who just die easy. Ah to be back …

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