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Jul 12 2012

AutoHotKey: Tracking Packages Quick

Do you run in to situations on a regular basis where you have to track packages, update customers and make sure equipment arrives on time? And does your company have an antiquated system to handle those types of situations? If you said yes to those, you might like this… AutoHotKey continues to be one of …

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Jan 22 2010

Windows Live Writer: Pasting Content Correctly

Windows Live Writer’s best quality is the ability to have plug-ins. If Windows Live Writer didn’t have plug-ins it would be sorely lacking a great many needed functions. But now it has a new plug-in, one that controls how you put information in to Windows Live Writer when pasting… Clipboard Live No related posts. This …

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Dec 09 2009

Voice Recognition: Dragon NaturallySpeaking vs AnDROID

I recently purchased a Motorola DROID ‘phone’ and I’ve been trying to get some updates from Nuance for some time now, on its initial offering of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, for the iPhone; not much yet. Maybe the fact I don’t have an iPhone is a hindrance. I asked to be included with the beta testing team, …

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