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Jan 14 2013

Is Google+ Feasting On Your Data Plan?

The other day I was checking out my  smartphone data usage.  I’m with Verizon and I have the unlimited data plan usage; I get to keep it by legacy.  So normally I don’t really check the data usage because it’s unlimited, but the other day I was just curious to see what kind of data …

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Sep 01 2010

Smartphone Difference, But Actually The Same

In the world of Smartphones I really love to see the redundancy in applications. Smartphones; there’s basically 3-4 competing operating systems for the Smartphone, and what’s fascinating about it’s the fact that developers are having to write the same code over and over just to put it on each phone. It’s the PC world all …

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Jun 07 2010

Internet Service Providers: Thieves of innovation

It’s depressing to see what the Internet Service Providers are doing to the market of everything media. It makes no matter of the company, but only the fact they provide Internet service to the masses. Internet Service Providers see and know the demand for media/bandwidth and have taken the position that if their services are …

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May 07 2010

What to Expect From Google Android TV

With Google looking to release a version of their Android TV next month, what can people expect from Google TV and Android? Well, the first thing to remember is that TV, isn’t a TV anymore, and the days of mindless TV channel surfing is about to end. Anyone who has an Android phone, knows about …

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May 05 2009

SSD Manufactures keep Developing – Faster/Storage

As the race for the new HD model develops, the cool part is that it’s storage space. And as long as the developers can stick with the common file formats the different Operating System’s use then it should be fine. The SSD’s are going to be the future, but the end model/standards going to be …

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