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Sep 15 2014

Understanding Misunderstood Emails


With bad e-mail exchanges, it takes two to tango. If you’ve ever owned a computer, most likely, you’ve been on the Internet. One of the most common ways of communication on the Internet is email. Email is the established backbone of Internet communications. Email was there long before social media or instant messaging. If you …

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Mar 27 2013

Keeping Your Files Organized To Increase Productivity


Business filing has come a long way since the boxes of paper invoices and stacks of project notes of the past. These days, many businesses have moved to a purely digital format, a fact that’s especially true for companies who work in the digital arena, like web designers and developers. Although digital filing has the …

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Nov 25 2012

Preparing for Cyber Monday


It’s been a tough time for everyone with the economy being so bad this past year, but if you are searching for a silver lining, notice the sales numbers from this season. It’s been reported that sales are up 20+% this year for black Friday sales. This is naturally going to translate into higher Cyber …

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Oct 08 2012

Portable And In Your Hand – Roku Streaming Projector


If the Roku wasn’t interesting enough for you before, it should start looking interesting to you now. In addition to Roku releasing their Roku  streaming stick, Roku has partnered with 3M to create a small projector that can stream video from whatever sources Roku can conjure. The standard Roku unit is miniature anyways but the …

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Mar 22 2011

Android App Market is like Twitter— everyone does it better than they do…


The new Amazon Appstore is another example of the lack of options and feature sets of the default Android application market. And the Android application market is falling prey to the same issues and problems that Twitter has; everyone does what they do, what they offer, better than they do; and it’s their service! The …

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Dec 13 2010

10 Things To Protect You While Shopping Online


Shopping online has its own threats. Shopping online has the benefit of removing the risk of you not getting your leg broken or getting trampled trying to get into the local Wal-Mart, but something worse can happen to online shoppers, which is getting your credit card stolen or having your identity stolen; placing you in …

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Sep 20 2010

5 Suggestions: Things That Would Make Nuance PaperPort [12+] Awesome

There’s nothing on the market as public, to the public, as PaperPort [current version 12.1]. And while the application does good to try to organize your documents and images, I believe it’s missing a few key points for people who are attempting to use it in a more professional manner. And the PaperPort application is …

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Nov 19 2009

The Lack of 64-bit Disclosure by Hardware Manufacturers

I’ve my PC and like a lot of other users out there, it’s a 64-bit machine and in a lot of cases, as it pertains to software, it‘s fine, but this is seriously handicapped when you’re talking about hardware. It’s a whole new ball game when your talking new hardware; it’s about the hardware drivers. …

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Aug 24 2009

Making money as a Blogger

Being a non-blogger I’m sure it’s easy to step back and say I can do that, ‘I can be a blogger’; I can make money doing that, but honestly can you? I started my website as a service to my public; my family, friends, strangers that needed some help […here to go my site] and …

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May 08 2009

Outlook: INBOX spelled backwards is a step forward.

When I think of Microsoft Outlook, I think of a PIM, Email, tasks and calendar, but at the same time I think it’s bloated, not flexible enough a memory hog and the search functions are sorely lacking. When you’re working with lots of information in one place you need to be able to get to …

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