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Feb 25 2011

Techie Review: Google Picasa v3.8

The search for the perfect image/picture manager/organizer can be a heavy load on some; especially if you’re just starting out… how do you know what you need, or what you’re going to need later. It’s really hard to tell what options you’re going to need later on, and I know from experience that managing image/pictures …

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Feb 19 2011

Fast Add – For Dragon NaturallySpeaking [FREE]

I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking a lot and I find that there’s a lot of Internet words that Dragon NaturallySpeaking doesn’t know and while the application is supposed to smartly add those new words to Dragon NaturallySpeaking I find that majority of the time, it doesn’t and knowing that Dragon NaturallySpeaking isn’t going to know some …

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Feb 17 2011

The Future: Copying Movies once DVD and Blu-Ray discs die…

There’s a big who-ha about copying DVD and Blu-Ray discs. Hell, there’s been a big deal about copying VHS, cassettes, records, radio and all the other media type that have come before DVD and Blu-Ray; but that didn’t stop it from happening… I believe it’s obvious that the future of renting movies is going to …

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Feb 15 2011

Android: Security vs Taking Screenshots

Android has me morally confused on the topic of taking screenshots. The iPhone can take screenshots fairly easy, but the same task with Android is like pulling teeth, and while there’s options to taking screenshots with the Android operating system; how it’s done is morally questionable and that’s the part that has me perplexed. There …

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Feb 05 2011

Android: Find friends with Google Maps

You ever have those moments where you are supposed to meet with someone, or go to a party, or gathering, but you don’t know where it is? What about while you are out of town with friends? While most smartphones have the option for Google maps; if you do have it, it’s a great tool. …

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Feb 03 2011

The NEW stuff with Google Maps

I may have missed the plug, I noticed some new stuff with Google maps the other day. In my humble opinion Google maps rocks. So far, since I started using it, when it first came out, it hasn’t steered me wrong yet. And with Google maps being on Android and iPhone, and others; it’s a …

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Jan 27 2011

Mozilla Thunderbird: Managing Your Inbox

Mozilla Thunderbird is an email client favorite of mine, and it’s flexibility with the addition of plugins, makes it king with me. But you can’t beat the raw ability of being able to organize all the e-mails that are being presented to your inbox. Having the ability to automatically organize this information as soon as …

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Jan 21 2011

Thinking Green: Solar and Wind Power

It seems that everyday the utility companies are asking more for electricity and the water companies want more for their services; and we keep paying them. So which one is it keep paying them or live in something that’s more efficient. I have lived in many different places/homes and realized that ‘homes’ aren’t built that …

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Jan 21 2011

Digsby with Ads – My Observations

In a previous post, I reported that Digsby is my favorite application for Instant Messenger functions; and it’s still true, but one thing that I have noticed with the ads that they’re using; they aren’t targeted to me— maybe a little because I get ads for the area I live in, but the thing I …

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Jan 14 2011

For Nuance’s PaperPort 13: Evolution is Required

PaperPort is a consumer standard for organizing and keeping images and documents in one place, but the landscape of what’s kept has changed and the next version from Nuance needs to be better; more with the times. Applications like Google Picasa and Windows Live Photo Gallery are doing a good job of attempting to handle …

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