Tag: Open Office

Nov 10 2010

Oracle Triggers Mass-Defection of OpenOffice Developers to LibreOffice

I’ve been a longtime supporter of OpenOffice, I’ve been a longtime supporter of OpenOffice and I like to take the option to suggest that others use OpenOffice if their place in the position of needing a light weight and feature rich office suite, but recent developments are going to force me to change my recommendations, …

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Dec 14 2009

Ubuntu 9.10 – Print to PDF

As I work more with Ubuntu, I notice there’s a few quirks with it, and I was recently struck with a rather simple problem that turned in to a bigger problem. And what was more troubling was there was no REAL solution to find; it was staggering. The Windows public seems to have a grip …

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Feb 25 2009

Pick: Personal Choice

These are what you would call my favorite applications and ones that I’ve found to be extremely useful. I work in a position where I do many different tasks and I need to be able to do things efficiently of I can’t get everything done in a business day. These are programs that I’ll have …

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Nov 07 2008

Productive Software: My Top 10 Picks

In the business world of a everyday sucky tasks and ta-do’s, it’s really hard to keep track of everything, and its even worse even you don’t have the right tools. If you’ve ever tried to open a can of chili with a dull spoon; these are the tools of the cubical-land office I’m talking about. …

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