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US Congress Votes Early on CISPA to avoid Cyber-Backlash

It’s not bad enough that citizens of the Internet have to deal with new technology, new standards and new fires dodge everyday; but it seems lately the archenemy of the Internet is going to be censorship. Governments seem to think that the Internet has been unregulated for too long and it’s time that the dimwitted …

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Calling the wrong number via Texting can be funny?

The times when I was much younger, I can recall calling people at random at 3-4am and telling them that there was an elephant in the back yard and it was flying… and you could do that with anonymity because back then you didn’t had caller id. Let’s see, we didn’t have caller id, call …

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Corporate Emails: What is offensive?

In the corporate world emails are common. They’re more common than the phone or voice mails. If someone can’t get you by voice they email you. You get your new policies, documentation and common communications. Honestly, it’s a awesome way to communicate for pretty much everything, but it can also be a demons wrath on …

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