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Apr 16 2013

Windows 8 continues to push the irrelevance of a Microsoft Operating System

Back in May of 2011, I wrote a post about Windows 8 and that people shouldn’t buy it. The discussions over Windows 8 are highly mixed and there’s a group of people that love Windows 8 there’s a group of people that absolutely despise Windows 8. That demographic of people can be separated into those …

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Jun 01 2010

The Break-up: Google Dumps Microsoft

In a stunning move by Google this week, they’ve decided to replace Microsoft as the primary Operating System for the company. Almost on cue with another story I recently posted, but Microsoft losing it’s influence in the market; Google is on a mission to drive Microsoft in to the proverbial ground. And what better way …

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May 01 2010

The Bad Apple, Android Grows , Nokia – oh my.

Here’s some random stuff from the week. Stuff I thought was really fascinating. Apple is still hitting, and stepping high through, the PR nightmare they’ve created. Right or incorrect, this is bad for them. Smartphones are just continuing to astound in size and abilities. And with everything they can do; I don’t know why they’re …

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Apr 30 2010

Is Apple Locking Itself Out Of The Market?

I find myself asking questions about the actions and thought processes of Apple lately… I’ve to wonder with some of the decisions that Apple is making right now; are they doing the right thing? Are they playing a hard right stance to attempt to push technology the way THEY think the future should be? And …

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Oct 23 2009

Question to Microsoft: Why must you have so many versions?

One of the biggest questions I’ve had for a while now is, why does Microsoft have so many darn versions of their Operating System? From a tech support standpoint, it’s a nightmare. Just from my experience, when I’ve asked people which Operating System their using [knowing they’re using Windows] I’ve had people tell me Microsoft …

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Dec 13 2008

Tech-Support: The Realist Story

One of the most common things to expect nowadays when purchasing a PC is 24/7 tech-support. The people behind the scenes to provide these types of services; not all of them are super smart at what they do. Some of them look at screens that give them instructions on how to fix problems, others have …

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Dec 08 2008

Microsoft’s Absolute Failure: ‘BOOTMGR is Missing’

This is so honestly funny; I’ve to share. Let’s set the stage, you’re there mucking around on your computer, everything is fine and dandy and then Microsoft says you’ve some updates to install; you’re like okay- do your thing buddy. Upon reboot you get this nice error that keeps you from getting back in to …

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Nov 10 2008

Windows 7 Boot Time; A Lost Race Already.

With Microsoft basically conceding the blunderous distribution and PR nightmare that is Windows Vista, apparently the decision has been made to continue with the development of the next version of Windows; not just patches and updates- a whole new version – Windows 7. They’re trying to push it out the door as soon as possible; …

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Oct 29 2008

The Microsoft Windows 7 Money Machine

I’ve been reading all these articles and digesting all this information from the Internet and from TV and it’s really got my biscuit’a burn’n. Here’s the thing- with every version of Windows it’s always the same hype and the same result- big talk and no walk; it was all falls and embarrassment. Anyone who’s spent …

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