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Nov 15 2016

Fake News Sites Are Going To Be Punished

At least 50% of America is unhappy with the latest US elections. Some people are extremely excited about having a Donald Trump presidency while the other half are unanimously disgusted. The overall consensus in America is that the two choices that we had for president were not good; it was like having to choose between …

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Sep 19 2009

Social browsing for September 19th

Here’s some stuff I’ve been looking at… Reading: Office Web Apps to be offered free to all Windows Live users | Web Apps News – Betanews http://tinyurl.com/nggftc [lehenryjr] Reading: Google to FCC: Apple and AT&T lied | Companies News – Betanews http://tinyurl.com/l5obxz [lehenryjr] Reading: Disloyal employees are not hackers, says court – Ars Technica http://tinyurl.com/lm5szh …

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Aug 26 2009

Points fo interest for August 26th

Here’s some stuff I’ve been looking at… Kudos to Superman; he was truly brave. He walked around in red and blue PJ’s, with red boots, a yellow belt and a dapper dan hair do -cool. [#] Reading: FCC chairman talks tough on network neutrality – Ars Technica http://tinyurl.com/m7nheo [#] Reading: With e-readers becoming a real …

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Aug 12 2009

LEHenryJr Twitter-land 2009-08-12

It's another wonderful day in TX @ 100 degrees. Motorcycle; when I got home I felt like I had been in a wrestling match with a garden hose. # RE: @bryansays I think Facebook is like Microsoft; they can't come up with anything else that's a good idea, so they bu… http://disq.us/1r8u # Currently Browsing: …

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Aug 11 2009

Paying for online NEWS content… who will?

I recently posted a story about how the newspapers are dying because of online resources producing basically the same content. And within just a few days of that Rupert Murdoch announces that he’s going to charge for access or the content on online news resources. Did he not read my article? Probably not. Blogging is …

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Mar 17 2009

Update: Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10.1 64-bit

As a registered user of Nuances Dragon NaturallySpeaking, I’m just as frustrated at the handling of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 AND 10 as everyone else is, but Nuance is close to releasing the 64-bit version of v10. If you search the support forums over at Nuance, you’ll find articles from 2006 requesting 64-bit versions of Dragon …

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Feb 11 2009

The Reasons to Hate Your ISP

In the early days of the Internet, you had no choice on your type of connection. The only connection to the outside world was through dial up communications. Once the genie was let out of the bottle, the general population found out they could do research, download songs, get the news, download recipes, weather and …

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Jan 28 2009

CREATIVE: An Insult to Customer Service

Once in a while you run across exceptional service and support from various software or hardware providers and for a moment your faith in corporate tech support is exonerated, but this is not one of those tails. This is a story of complete and utter failure; an example of the inability to read, absence of …

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Jan 20 2009

Nuance’s Response to 64-bit Debacle: Sorry Dude, My Bad…

Nuance has been taking a trip on the ‘Bad PR Train’ here lately in regard to the debacle with Dragon Naturally Speaking and it’s lack of support for 64-bit systems. And rightfully so. And to the person that told Nuance that 64-bit system aren’t important… how ’bout now smart guy? While voice recognition systems are …

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Jan 10 2009

Hybrid Powered Savings

While it’s nice to have gas prices low right now, they’re going to go back up. And while everyone with gas guzzlers are taking a $40 a week raise [from not having to pay for gas], those hurtful days are going to come back and when they do they are going to probably be worse …

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