Tag: New Technology

Nov 23 2012

Black Friday Ads Prove Which Mobile Operating System Is Dominating- Android

If this Black Friday and this shopping weekend has any indication as to which tablet operating system is dominating, all you have to do is open any sale paper and you see lots and lots of tablets for sale and every single tablet that’s on sale [99% of them] have the Android operating system loaded …

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Nov 21 2011

All the Apple talk is about Siri

A lot of emphasis on the iPhone 4S has been about the voice recognition application called Siri. And while I would happen to agree with the ‘cool’ level of the application and the level of integration; it’s not been without it’s problems and downsides. And in all fairness, Siri is really cool and the level …

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Jul 23 2010

Swype The Destruction Of Words

I was reading a article last week about the hurdles of having to type in words in to smartphones; yes, I think we all understand how much of a hassle it is to have to find those little keys and type those long words and attempt to make sense from the LOL and the ROTFL …

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Jan 15 2010

3D Movies and now ESPN 3D Sports

Avatar was released in December of 2009 and it was a huge success and the drawing factor to the movie was it’s effects and the 3D presentations. television manufacturers are building/producing 3D TV’s for the generalize public and it’s looking as though EPSN wants to be the first to put it’s hat in the ring …

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Jan 14 2010

That’s Odd: US to circumvent other countries censorship security measures?

I was reading the article on how Obama approves of what Google is doing in response to the filtering and the security breaches, but what I read was eye catching. It says basically that the US is going to help citizens in other countries get around that countries filtering technology, so they can see other …

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Jan 04 2010

Review: Avatar – Changing Movies Forever

This is my review for Avatar; I was on vacation when I saw it and I really wanted to share this. From the days of rendering Stop Motion to Green Screen special effects; Avatar has been the result of that pursuit. Avatar is without question is the most graphically and visually stunning movie ever made …

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Aug 24 2009

Making money as a Blogger

Being a non-blogger I’m sure it’s easy to step back and say I can do that, ‘I can be a blogger’; I can make money doing that, but honestly can you? I started my website as a service to my public; my family, friends, strangers that needed some help […here to go my site] and …

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Jun 11 2009

Broadband Speed + Hype + Price = Customer Rip-off

If you know anything about networking and how this process work, you realize very quickly that advertising 50-60 Mbps is just ridiculous. Customers need to know this… I mean these fools are seriously pushing the high-speed broadband thing and while it ‘may’ be capable of doing so, it’s something that’s unrealistic. And who wants to …

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