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Jul 21 2014

The sad difference between the News vs Bloggers


Two years ago, I wrote an article that was basically discussing the comparison between newspapers, journalists and bloggers. Last week was a big week for world issues and tragedies. News services around the world were scrambling to get journalists on site to document and report back to current issues that were happening. While the various …

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Jun 11 2014

Facebook: Asking how well do you know someone?


Facebook continues to be the most popular social networking website. And as everyone knows, Facebook is always looking out for ways to collect more personal information about you every minute of every day. For the past couple of years, Facebook has been periodically putting a provocative question the bottom right-hand corner. The provocative question is …

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Apr 04 2013

Facebook Home wants to take over your Android Smartphone


So the scoop for today was that Facebook is announcing a new smart phone application for android called Facebook Home. The android application is not available for download yet, but should be available in roughly one week. There’s been a lot of speculation about Facebook wanting to come out with their own smart phone, but …

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Nov 01 2012

How Social Media Influence Your Online Business


Many say that this current generation has evolved in our means of communication especially now that we have different media tools such as the internet, which has vast ways of gaining new information and sharing with other people. The internet has been helpful in connecting people from all over the globe. Even for business professionals, …

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Aug 22 2012

The Internet Is Changing And You Won’t Survive If You Aren’t Doing These 3 Things


Google seems to be updating their algorithms every 5 minutes these days. You go to bed at night after a great day then when you wake up in the morning your business has been wiped off the map. Don’t think it won’t happen to you because there’s been many a person think they were safe …

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Jan 18 2012

The SOPA Blackout…

On January 18th, if you went to search something on Google you saw something interesting a black mark over where the word Google [logo] used to be. This is the way Google decided to protest the legislation that’s being proposed… The link on the bottom urges people to contact their congressman and to NOT censor …

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Sep 16 2011

Is it true? Google+ has run out of steam already?


Google+ came out of the gates like gang busters; doing their little invites again to the beta program; but was all that just the curiousity of ‘what is it?’ Is Google going to have to go home, AGAIN, with a failed attempt at social…is Facebook too big to be toppled? According to some of the …

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Jan 07 2010

SOCIALMAIL for Mozilla Thunderbird v3

I can’t say enough about this plug-in. The author, in just a very short period of time, went from concept to product release in just a few weeks. SOCIALMAIL is a free option/alternative for XOBNI for Thunderbird. Since the release of XOBNI, it’s been a request of users over and over; tirelessly asking for an …

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Oct 26 2009

eMclient v2: An Instant Message Enigma

It’s true the guys over an eMclient are making some serious progress. In my email exchanges they have indicated they’re ‘…seriously busy’ and kudos for all the efforts and their accomplishments. I’m a big fan of eMclient; I really want to see it succeed and flourish, but one thing about it has in common with …

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Sep 24 2009

Thunderbird v3b4 – impressions

I’ve been reporting on the progression of Thunderbird and they’ve released another beta. These are some things I noticed about the latest beta from Mozilla. I think that Mozilla is making improvements; they seem to be subtle and I still think it’s missing a social factor with not trying to connect with more social networking …

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