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Jul 30 2012

Google+ Hangouts continues to chip away at Skype

At a time when Skype is fighting for it’s own creditability against rumors that it’s snooping on their users conversations, when they’re putting advertisements in to the conversations as people are talking and where Skype won’t allow multiple users to chat without paying a premium membership; Google+ Hangouts is just rocking the house down. Google …

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Jan 04 2012

Google’s Chrome Continues To Blaze A Trail

I remember when I wrote an article about the very progressive climb of Chrome; how version 28 was coming in just 2 years. I continue to be impressed with the level of performance of Chrome and how well, it’s done in such a short time. And we still have time to see if v28 of …

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Mar 20 2011

Using Voice Recognition In The Cloud

In the world of operating systems and usability, and in the realm of voice recognition for the general population, Microsoft, Google and Nuance are the only ones that are competing. Microsoft is the worst of the bunch, while Microsoft does have a good record of voice recognition with their operating system, the GUI is so …

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Jun 19 2009

If nothing else- There’s always Morrow

I’ve always said that bad antivirus software is better than no antivirus software. And at this point, I would like to build on that comment by saying- ‘…and avoiding Microsoft antivirus products’. It’s no secret that you should have real-time antivirus software already loaded onto your PC; this is something I’ve recommended to people for …

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Nov 23 2008

Where is Firefox’s Future without Google?

Firefox has been a longstanding symbol of an open source triumph, but open source means support by volunteers [time, code or testing] or financial backing. For many years Google has made Firefox it’s surgical point from which to stab at Microsoft; and it’s been an embarrassing and infectious wound. Competition is the catalyst that sparks …

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