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LEHSYS Report – December 2011

This year has been outstanding for LEHSYS; better than any other. I’ve taken a few days off from writing because of the holidays season, but I’m sure some of you’ll understand, but I plan on getting back to the nuts and bolts of things here soon. It’s important to make an attempt spend some offline …

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Facebook Is Destroying The Reputation Of Social Media

Facebook seems to be single-handedly destroying the fabric of social networking. The level of doubt in the operations of Facebook and its behind-the-scenes objectives seems to have all the members of Facebook asking serious questions about its privacy policies and what Facebook is actually doing with their information. A couple of years ago Facebook was …

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Firefox 3 Has A Handicapped Backspace Button

As an interesting folly, everyone knows that Firefox is developed and used upon multiple platforms. The appealing nature of Firefox is that it’s the same application, plug-ins are consistent across different operating systems and the behavior of the application should be the same. But if your an user that’s used to using Firefox in the …

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