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Dec 06 2010

Review: Faster [DVD Worthy]

When I went out this weekend to try to catch a quick movie, there’s those times you think to yourself, “I just want some dumb action and explosions to calm my nerves”; I had one of those moments… I settled on going to see Faster. I had seen the previews and I know what Dwayne …

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Jul 17 2010

Topics of the Week for July 16th

This week in technology has been pretty interesting Google continues its world domination of the smartphone with the android platform. it continues to flex its muscles in its appeal to the public, placing tons of pressure on the iPhone and Microsoft keep generating strong competition. Apple concedes that ‘we’re not perfect.’… Try to shut down …

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Apr 24 2010

The Previous Week In Interesting – 04/24/2010

I’m trying something new here. I’m trying stories that I’ve read throughout week, that I thought were interesting and sharing them with you. So, everyone finds different things interesting- these were mine; Apple still acting like a jerk, McAfee is re-enforcing it’s position as a technology moron and Microsoft continues to slowly tighten the hatch …

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