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Jul 19 2013

How To Remove Ads From Skype [part 2]

I had a post back in February about removing ads from Skype and it worked pretty well, but my machine died recently and I had to go back to a vanilla install of Skype on my PC; this got me searching for other options. What really sparked this search was that I had recently reloaded …

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Jan 18 2013

MSN, Jabber, Skype And The Lack Of A Standard Protocol For Instant Messengers And Video Conferencing

As Microsoft prepares to officially kill off Microsoft messenger in Lieu of Skype.  This got me contemplating the current Jabber compatibility of Microsoft messenger.  Microsoft messenger has the ability to interface with a Jabber client. If you’re not familiar with Jabber, it’s an open source/universal instant messaging protocol that’s compatible with several different instant messaging …

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Dec 27 2012

Android: Facebook Messenger

On my Android phone, I  the AppBrain application market  to try to keep track of what’s popular week by week.  I continue to be amused by the recurrence of the  Instant Messenger application from Facebook,  Facebook messenger. In the description for the application, it says that you can text your friends for free, access Facebook …

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Nov 22 2011

Now when you visit DOWNLOAD.COM, be careful… here’s why.

I detest spam and malware and any application that requires you to install or download another application to be able to install another one. This does nothing but make me irritated. I understand the concept of advertising, but I wonder if these people ever really think about what their doing… but that’s the applications… Now, …

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Jun 21 2011

Get ready for ‘Skype me later!’

After you heard the news of Microsoft buying Skype, you immediately think, ‘it’s going to the crap house’ or it’s going to be another LIVE application, part of MSN Messenger— and your probably right in some respects, but I heard the news that Comcast is going in to business with Skype… That’s a MUCH smarter …

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May 10 2011

Microsoft Snatches Skype for $8.5 Billion – Here comes Windows LIVE Skype!

In a move that’d have made SO much more sense for Facebook to purchase Skype; Microsoft has stepped in an bought Skype for 8.5 billion dollars, in CASH. Microsoft continues its shopping spree for customers. Their declining performance and the fact that their operating system and office package is the main tools keeping them afloat …

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Apr 21 2011

Digsby Acquired: Goes to TAGGED – Really?!

Digsby has been a long time recommendation of mine. Just about everyone I ever come in contact with, that doesn’t have an Instant Messenger client, I would say Digsby. Even if they were running something stupid like Yahoo and MSN; I would really advise them to go with Digsby then… There’s so many Instant Messenger …

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Mar 30 2011

Yahoo! Messenger – the latest application to avoid

There’s been Instant Messenger clients on the market and on the web for years now, and some could easily simply take everything that passes via Instant Messenger is completely private… Yahoo is making sure that this ideology is changing today. Yahoo has decided that they are going to be the Internet police for instant messaging; …

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Mar 12 2011

LEHSYS Download Watch – 03/12/2011

These are some items that I notice, like to keep an eye on and also to notate any new programs/software that could be useful. I offer this as some links you should be curious about and if they can help you. This past week was like another tsunami [sorry] of browser updates. Firefox, Chrome v11 …

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