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Aug 14 2012

Windows Movie Maker 2012: When your MP4 and MOV files stop working…

A couple of days ago, I downloaded the updated version of Windows movie maker 2012, from the new Windows essentials package. I wanted to do a comprehensive review of the application. After I downloaded the new version and installed it, I started it up and started poking around. The new version has quite a few …

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Aug 08 2012

Techie Review: Windows (Essentials) Movie Maker 2012

Microsoft released a new version of their Windows Essentials 2012 today. I just finished going over Windows Live Writer to see what was new with it, but basically nothing with Windows Live Writer was updated; not even the slightest update. But on the flipside, Windows Movie Maker has been updated to include just a few …

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Dec 31 2011

LEHSYS Report – December 2011

This year has been outstanding for LEHSYS; better than any other. I’ve taken a few days off from writing because of the holidays season, but I’m sure some of you’ll understand, but I plan on getting back to the nuts and bolts of things here soon. It’s important to make an attempt spend some offline …

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Jun 11 2011

LEHSYS Report – June 2011

I’m glad I do these reports, but not so often anymore. At first, it was more of my personal report card of what was going on, what I was trying and how things are going with the website. And putting efforts in to measure those things on mirco scale isn’t so fun. Blogging is a …

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Jun 03 2011

Not impressed: Windows 8 Sneak Peak Demo

After the world went ‘nuts’ over the sneak peak of Windows 8, I noticed that the interface they were demo’ing were all based on touch; there wasn’t anything there based on the keyboard and mouse. So, what Microsoft is saying is that their new user GUI is all based on tablet and touch screen abilities.They …

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Feb 15 2011

Converting and Splitting videos for YouTube

I’m not an expert on dealing with video and video production, but I know enough to get by and enough to be dangerous to some… After dealing with Windows Live Movie Maker for several months, I found a solid work horse for converting all the media I needed; and the performance was great. I’ve never …

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Feb 11 2011

Top Problems with Windows Live Movie Maker 2011

As the forums team with questions and issues with Windows Live Movie Maker 2011, the forums are but a charade to make the users of Windows Live Movie Maker think that someone is going to help them resolve their issues. The thing that Windows Live Movie Maker needs the most is a LOG; it needs an …

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Dec 08 2010

Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 Has Limits

Windows Live dev team has placed a lot of effort in to the release of the Windows Live suite of applications and there’s been a few milestones crushed and some, not so much. I did a review of Windows Live Movie Maker a little while back and my initial review was based on what Windows …

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Oct 18 2010

Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 – Support Woes

As you know Windows Live Movie Maker and the essentials package was recently officially released. My initial review of Windows Live Movie Maker was that I thought that the Windows live team had done a good job at developing the application from its previous version. I thought the overall flow and presentation of the application …

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Sep 30 2010

The Release Of Windows Live Essentials 2011 [Critical]

According to the release from Microsoft today, Windows Live Essentials 2011 has been officially released for public consumption. Download them here. You can expect all new PCs to include Windows Live Essentials 2011 with all Windows 7 preinstalled operating systems. Windows Live applications are what Microsoft considers to be bare essentials; applications and functions that …

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