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Gmail updates their compose window to benefit mobile users

Composing new emails with Gmail are going to different next time you use it. It’s rare that changes are made that people actually like, Change with anything is rarely acceptable to most people, but change must come and Google [which is in a constant state of beta] has added some new features to the compose …

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Adobe Flash Deserves To Be Fragged

Adobe has been on my crap list for a while. Adobe Flash is unbearably slow, it drags my performance of my PC down to crawl. I ensure my PC is updated on a regular basis and I apply the patches when they release them, but all it ever seems to do is get worse. I’ve …

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Is Apple Locking Itself Out Of The Market?

I find myself asking questions about the actions and thought processes of Apple lately… I’ve to wonder with some of the decisions that Apple is making right now; are they doing the right thing? Are they playing a hard right stance to attempt to push technology the way THEY think the future should be? And …

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