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The Release Of Windows Live Essentials 2011 [Critical]

According to the release from Microsoft today, Windows Live Essentials 2011 has been officially released for public consumption. Download them here. You can expect all new PCs to include Windows Live Essentials 2011 with all Windows 7 preinstalled operating systems. Windows Live applications are what Microsoft considers to be bare essentials; applications and functions that …

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Windows Live Writer Wave 4: Go Open Source – Please

Microsoft has been less than giving in the world of blogging. And I was less than optimistic earlier this year when the screenshots of Windows Live Writer – wave 4 were ‘leaked’. http://www.lehsys.com/2010/02/windows-live-writer-2010-just-minor-updates/ And today, I saw this post from Digital Inspiration and it confirmed my fears. Microsoft hasn’t done anything to Windows Live Writer …

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Windows Live Writer 2010 – Just Minor Updates

With Windows Live Writer 2010 looking like it’s going to be a few more months away from release, it’s looking unimpressive right now. Windows Live Writer is the best blogging tool out there, but it’s development is so slow; it’s depressing. It’s no wonder Internet Explorer is taking such a beating. If you were paying …

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