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Apr 16 2013

Windows 8 continues to push the irrelevance of a Microsoft Operating System


Back in May of 2011, I wrote a post about Windows 8 and that people shouldn’t buy it. The discussions over Windows 8 are highly mixed and there’s a group of people that love Windows 8 there’s a group of people that absolutely despise Windows 8. That demographic of people can be separated into those …

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Mar 01 2011

Motorola Atrix Android gets a docking station

One of the more exciting piece of information I found out recently is that the android operating system, and more specifically Motorola Atrix 4g smartphone, is going to have a docking station. Essentially giving the new android phone the equivalent of McDonald’s supersize option. The docking station essentially converts your android phone into a standard …

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Sep 18 2009

Prediction: Windows 7 Keygen Flood– wait for it…

One of the most amusing things I’ve seen with the ‘leaked’ versions of Windows 7 is the creation of the keygen, serial and hacks to activate Windows 7, but what’s better is the fact that it’s almost like the major players on this are waiting for the day of October 22nd. It’s almost like they’re …

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