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Adobe – Stats for Nerds – playful or insulting?

Adobe Flash is one of those applications/plug-ins that ‘nerds’ hate for a few reasons. It’s bloated, it has security problems, it has one of the worst upgrade processes for a required Internet application/plug-in, and with the exclusion of Google Chrome adding this plug-in for your web browser is a PITA because Adobe doesn’t work with …

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Yo. You da transport’a? Let’s do some kickin’ or sumptin? AXSHUN!

Stallone; wow that guy is somethin’. I can’t really imagine him doin action movies, but that’s his butter and bread. He’s never had a role that requires him to speak more than 3 sentences in a row or without multiple takes. He disappoints me. I really figured he would do a Clint Eastwood and move …

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