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Apr 29 2012

Facebook Pushes Virus Protection A Little More

Back in early January, Facebook must’ve been listening to me. I published a blog post about the insecurity of Facebook. In that post, I talked about how Facebook takes advantage of their members by exposing them to games and applications that could be potentially stealing their personal and private information and using it for other …

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Jul 13 2010

Searching The Web: Microsoft Bing is Deplorable

I just don’t know how anyone finds anything on Bing. If Bing were a paddle it couldn’t find water. I do very simple searches and it never finds anything I’m searching for. I see the commercials on TV about Bing is supposed to be a solution engine; BAH! Perhaps in Bizarro world- not in this …

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May 14 2010

Chitika Snubbing Members With New Advertisement Rules

LEHSYS has been using Chitika for a while now as an external source revenue to support the site and the hosting, but recently Chitika added some new advertisers. Apparently they’re very happy about that, but the people that aren’t happy are the people who use Chitika for ad publishing. For reasons and rules are are …

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