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Apr 29 2012

Facebook Pushes Virus Protection A Little More

Back in early January, Facebook must’ve been listening to me. I published a blog post about the insecurity of Facebook. In that post, I talked about how Facebook takes advantage of their members by exposing them to games and applications that could be potentially stealing their personal and private information and using it for other …

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Apr 24 2010

The Previous Week In Interesting – 04/24/2010

I’m trying something new here. I’m trying stories that I’ve read throughout week, that I thought were interesting and sharing them with you. So, everyone finds different things interesting- these were mine; Apple still acting like a jerk, McAfee is re-enforcing it’s position as a technology moron and Microsoft continues to slowly tighten the hatch …

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Apr 08 2009

Spybot Search & Destroy competitors advising users to Uninstall it

SS&D is one of my favorite applications. Software providers in this field are being just outright stupid. There’s nothing wrong with being competitive, but asking a customer to uninstall a program so it can run another is stupid. McAfee, TrendMicro and Kaspersky have no right to tell a user to uninstall another software package. They …

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Mar 07 2009


Overview There’s a few things that you can do to make sure that you have a healthy PC and try to ensure that that PC stays running and virus free. PC’s require a level of responsibility make sure you are doing your part by protecting your PC. Here’s a few things you can do to …

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