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Sep 09 2013

ShareThis: When good services go bad

When you’ve been on the Internet for a long time, you find yourself using the same applications over and over you get to a point where you feel comfortable with a particular application, but in time, everything changes. And it’s unfortunate when those traditional/dependable applications make changes to their processes or the policies on how …

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Jul 24 2012

Why care that ISPs want to increase their speeds?

I’m surprised that the service providers keep using this marketing ploy to lure customers and to some sort of speed competition. Everyone should know by now that you can only get information as fast as it can be sent. What’s more interesting about this is why would you increase the rate at which someone can …

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Mar 21 2012

Uploading images to Facebook [easy]

In a previous post I talked about things with Facebook that are lacking and one of those things is the ability to upload images to Facebook. Now, apparently Facebook finds it more important to provide an Instant Messenger for Facebook, but not an easier way to send photos. In relation to that, I had a …

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Jan 17 2012

Google+ hangouts: Odd settings

People are always using functions and website and rarely ever really dig in to the settings for those websites; that goes for other sites like Facebook and Google, but today I was starting my Google+ hangout and saw the options for the camera. The layout of Google+ hangouts has changed a bit, so it makes …

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Jan 13 2012

Video Chats: Skype vs. Google+ Hangouts

Over the past couple of months I’ve been using Skype with some friends, but I have also been using Google+ hangouts and I’ve to say that between the two, I’ve more fun with Google+ hangouts than I do Skype. I like Google+ in the respect it’s really browser based and I’m able to get people …

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Dec 10 2011

Amazon Attacks Brick-And-Mortar -In their own Stores

In a surprising move, that’s not really that surprising, but is now actually being used as a marketing campaign; Amazon is now encouraging customers; they’re requesting potential customers to utilize their proprietary bar-code-scanning application to assist in the collection intelligence on in-store pricing. It’s EVIL, and genius! And it has Brick-And-Mortar stores in a full …

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Dec 09 2011

Twitter is just a dead bird to me…

Image via CrunchBase Twitter is one of those phenomenons that seems to be very valuable to a demographic of people the have a level of narcissism and enjoy every point and opportunity to post everything of their life onto Twitter. Anyone who has a Twitter account created it for specific reason, but created a Twitter …

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Sep 21 2011

Tit for Tat: Google vs Facebook— and Facebook users still can’t get a ‘DISLIKE’ button

Bang bang bang… ‘you’re on the floor, when the bullet hits the bone…’ It’s just who’s going to get who and who’s going to do it better. I gotta say this ‘coding war’ is just what users were needing. It’s like a ‘coding’ party, writing the new functions and features isn’t going to stop until …

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Apr 03 2011

Energy Saving: Green things I’d like to use

My vision of the a Star Trek universe and a flying world of the Jetson’s is very, very slowly coming around; at a snails pace, but there’s thing right now that I’d like to use for going GREEN right now that I think would make a big difference in how everyone gets there power. I …

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Feb 05 2011

Android Market is bad… AppBrain App Market = Awesome.

My disappointment in the Android Market presentation is beyond depressing. For the last year and a half, I have had my Android phone and recently updated to a Droid x phone; it’s definitely better than the last phone [original Droid], but while applications are being updated, the Market isn’t. The way the Android Market is …

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