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Apr 06 2013

Plex Media Server: Applying the Updates/New versions Automatically

Plex is a wonderful application that allows you to easily organize your media library to where it’s the most beneficial. It doesn’t matter if you’re wanting to listen to MP3’s, watch movies or share pictures. Plex has the ability to organize this information and give it one of the best presentations you can have. In …

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Apr 15 2011

Microsoft gives Vista users the FINGER with no Internet Explorer 10

With Microsoft not delivering on a mobile platform that works, and with their declining desktop operating system market dropping, Microsoft has decided to make an attempt to speed the process of their demise… by giving the finger to their customer base… that’s right— Microsoft has decided that Internet Explorer 10 is too good for Vista …

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Dec 02 2009

Organizing Music on Ubuntu – Amarok

When I loaded Ubuntu a month ago, it was mostly painless. The thing you need to understand, it’s not Windows and while Windows has many applications to do what’s considered a common place function, like playing music, doing things in Ubuntu are a bit different. But once I was able to get Ubuntu where I …

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Sep 04 2009

Why I’m not going Blue-Ray DVD for PC

It’s common knowledge that blue-ray is the largest DVD size we have right now and the amount of data we can place on those disc are 10x better than a traditional DVD, but I ask why? And I answer with because I don’t need to [and you don’t need to]. It was only a few …

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