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Apr 04 2013

Facebook Home wants to take over your Android Smartphone

So the scoop for today was that Facebook is announcing a new smart phone application for android called Facebook Home. The android application is not available for download yet, but should be available in roughly one week. There’s been a lot of speculation about Facebook wanting to come out with their own smart phone, but …

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Feb 07 2011

GIZMODO RE-DESIGN: And you thought DIGG’s was bad?!

Gizmodo has released a new revision of their website. If you’re not acquainted, Gizmodo is famous for providing tech relevant material; techie stuff. And it’s not often that I am absolutely floored by a websites design, or re-design, but GIZMODO has taken the cake! In a clear case of attempting to go in a specific …

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May 24 2010

Ubuntu 10.04: Installing Adobe Flash Refined

The previous version of Ubuntu was plagued by the issue of not being compatible with Adobe Flash right out of the box. Let me rephrase that, it had plenty of issues where people couldn’t install Adobe Flash and use it on Ubuntu. And I didn’t see it as a flaw of Ubuntu solely, but it …

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May 09 2010

AutoHotKey: Export PhraseExpress to CSV

Programs can be so useful, but they also can be ‘traps’; traps to keep you tied in to them so you can’t leave, or change, or manage your data the way you want to. I recently ran in to an issue with a program I use called PhraseExpress. It’s a text expander/hotkey/macro program that’s extremely …

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Mar 02 2010

Hootsuite comes to Android – FINALLY

iPhone users have enjoyed Hootsuite for a while, but the team of developers at Hootsuite have been nice enough to bring it to Android. Hootsuite integrates, social networking and communications in to one place, making it easier to manage your accounts. And in my opinion has done a great job by recently adding Facebook and …

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Jan 16 2010


It’s no secret, I have absolutely no love for Internet Explorer [I don’t care which version], but with the latest advisement by Germany, it’s showing huge impacts on the credibility of the Microsoft browser. It was only months ago that the US government was asking NOT to use Internet Explorer. And now they’re telling you… …

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Dec 23 2009

LEHSYS Wishes YOU a Merry XMAS!

This will be the last post of December for LEHSYS. I’m taking the rest of the year off from writing posting and keeping track of the river of technology. AND I would like to thank everyone who has visited and have commented/emailed on everything. I love hearing from you and helping out where I can. …

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Dec 21 2009

eMclient sets a date for end of BETA

eM client is an excellent email client, and recent releases have been very impressive. They’ve done an outstanding effort to poise themselves as the Microsoft Outlook killer/alternative. The community looking at eM client have been watching it’s development closely. The eM client crew recently released this from their website. This was their release… No related …

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Nov 13 2009

Impressions: Working with Ubuntu 9.10

I loaded the latest version of Ubuntu the other day to my DELL M60 laptop; it’s about 5 years old and it was really struggling with life as a laptop with Windows. I had issues with power, issues with hibernation and issues with staying connected with my wireless router. I was incurring all these problems …

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