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May 24 2013

Don’t let Google make you stupid

More and more I find myself in situations where I’m completely dependent upon my smart phone. I hate to say that having a smartphone is making me stupid, but the simple fact is, if I have my smart phone, I know that I don’t have to remember pieces of information and therefore I consider the …

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Nov 05 2010

Microsoft Kinect Continues To Grab Attention

Microsoft just started selling the Xbox Kinect; it went on sale November 4th and already there’s fear of kids getting in shape, technological racism, and property damage— it’s amazing! This is genius marketing for Microsoft. You can’t market getting healthy with games, or try to push/market racism as a plus to an ancillary device, or …

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May 31 2010

PaperPort Viewer 7 Doesn’t Work With Vista or Windows 7

This started off as an attempt to establish an export/convert tool for PaperPort MAX files and change them to something more standard like a PDF file. I already had PDFCreator installed, so I just needed a way to print; it’s all a failure and here’s why. While it may not be important to some folks, …

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Oct 12 2009

Download: COPYPATH

For all you advanced IT Administrator/Consultant guru’s out there, your going to love this little gem. How many times have you found yourself having to manually type in a path to a file? A lot – I know- been there and felt that. CopyPath is a shell extension that copies the full path names of …

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Mar 08 2009

Things to Schedule

If you’ve got a PC there are some basic things that you need to be doing on a regular basis to maintain the PC, here are some good places to start. Replace the Microsoft Task Scheduler I have never liked MS task scheduler. This application is awesome. It’s free and there is a professional version, …

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