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Jun 19 2012

Roku with PLEX, Playing ISO’s = Very cool.

My entrance in to streaming video and Internet content with set top boxes is really an experience that I would classify as ‘testing the waters’. I’ve been looking hard at the options with Internet TV boxes and set top boxes to stream all kinds of Internet content directly to my living room TV… I finally …

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May 18 2012

Comcast and Skype: Making the video conferencing standard

Almost a year ago I posted an article about Microsoft purchasing Skype [roughly $8 billion]. I still think that Microsoft only purchased Skype for their customer base, and while I think there still needs to be a standard for video conferencing protocols, the way standards established themselves is by whoever is the most popular; it …

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Oct 08 2010

Internet TV Boxes: Just the Beginning

Surely we can clearly define that this is the start of Internet television as we know it. Everything prior to this has been merely a rehearsal for things to come. We now have major players competing to be on top of your TV and delivering entertainment to you in a variety of ways. Major networks …

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Sep 03 2010

Internet TV: Is It Ready For Prime Time?

Image via CrunchBase Hulu has become a new favorite of mine, but not so much the service, but the option to cable TV. The service is good with Hulu, but it’s more than the service; it’s the hardware that’s required to work with those types of services. I was looking at a Roku box today …

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Aug 27 2010

Finding Options: The Declination Of Cable TV Subscribers

There was an article posted recently about the cable user subscriptions and I think the information holds true. With the investments in technology and with the Internet providing just about any type of media form that you’re looking for, it makes perfect sense that the large TV Networks should be highly concerned over the future …

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Jan 27 2010

The Arrival of Internet Based Television

This article is based on my complete disgust for the way TV programming works right now. For the last twenty years, the Internet has been moving and growing; it’s morphed so many times and now it’s almost like it’s omnipresent. It’s an expected service of just about every device you’ve and it’s not the most …

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